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ATTENTION VISITORS!!!!!! All my pages are graphically intense. Please allow pages to load fully, sit back, and I hope you enjoy the ride!!!! The Kat.

I'd like to take this opportunity to shout out to my new partner in crime, Ravens Effect 26, who also designs desktop themes. Click on the image below to view his files at

Here is another link to another very cool author, The Scorpione. U GO GIRL!!!!!!

Desktop Themes

Bubbly Boop

Hunny Pot

Samurai Kats


Atlantis Rising


Glass For Grass

White Winter Wolves


Autumn Forest

Come In Peace

Rock Never Dies

Sunset Tigers

I am always working on desktop themes and will be adding them to this site. I have also created screensavers, which, until I put them up, are available at Thanks for stopping by!!!! The Kat.....

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