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Death is but the falling of darkness; pain has no place here. The shadows of what have been are meaningless; the sages of what is to come can be thwarted. In the eyes of God you are evil... You are beautiful to me. Wytewyntrwolf-1/17/02

These are some of my darker themes...Due to the volume of themes I'm working on, I have added a second page of dark themes. Click on the next button below to proceed to dark themes page 2. Thanks for visiting!!!! The Kat.

Nitemare Before Xmas


The Crow

Strike the gong, ring the bell, it is but the Devil's knell. Rampant lust turned to dust, we are on the road to Hell. Wytewyntrwolf-4/18/02

Jesta Vamp

Commitee Meeting

Late Arrival

Spin Your tales of miracle and might; claiming your deeds were done for right, while bitter we watch your empire rise.... It too shall fall before our eyes. Wytewyntrwolf-4/10/02


A Kings Tomb

Gris Gris


By The Crypt


In my dreams I saw beyond despair; a fleeting image of love enveloped my soul. Tighter and tighter it wound itself about me until the embrace became a serpent. Wytewyntrwolf-3/20/02




I looked into their eyes and saw a nothingness; a nothingness in their hearts, their souls, their ever after. Who shall deliver them from this fate? Only the whisper of black wings that caress the night sky shall set them free...Wytewyntrwolf-1/22/02

They know no fear as she holds them, only a burning desire to be one with her. They confuse her with life eternal, though she is only the Bringer of Death. Wytewyntrwolf-3/22/02

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